3Way solutions redefines the concept of multiviewers

3Way Solutions redefines the concept of multiviewers

The concept of multiviewer traditionally brings us to think on a system capable to make a display many TV signals on a screen, and eventually make a monitoring of the audio level and place the name of the signal sources (UMD, Under Monitor Display). This is a concept that is out of date, thanks to the technology of 3Way Solutions, which widens in a great form the range of applications of multiviewers, managing to attend much more applications than what could be achieved before with multiviewers.  Following is a detailed description of the technical requisites desirables as standard for a multiviewer, and also a series of new functionalities that power up its capability to bring solution to several problems that are faced in broadcast applications. 

In order to make a clearer understanding of the functionalities expected for a multiviewer, we divide them in 3 groups.

Current standard functionalities for a multiviewer 

● Flexibility in formats for input signals. They must handle analog and digital video signals, SDI SD, HD, 4K, Transport Stream, ASI

● Flexibility for the signals configuration on screen. They must offer the capability to make available a flexible design of configurations, as well as memories of different configurations, which can be called in different productions.

● Present UMD of the signal sources for each image.

● Audio monitoring

● Alarm generation with sound

Functionalities that improve the performance of a multiviewer

● Capability to monitor different parameters of every incoming signal, with storage of event alarms.

● Audio monitoring with vu meters

● Capability to monitor loudness EBU-128

● Alarms for QoE QoS with standards like TR 101-290

● Streaming signal inputs via network with OTT (HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP) SRT

● Delivery of alarms by SNMP and/or email.

Functionalities that will increase even more the features, and widen the range of applications of a multiviewer

● Storage of incoming signals for later auditing

● Resend of the multiviewer screen to other destinations via stream IP

● Operation and monitoring 100% web to obtain a remote monitoring center operable from other sites

3Way technology allows to cover the 3 groups of functionalities, simplifying the installations of production centers of television and radio, with an integration focus much higher than what was known up to now.

More information available at https://3way.com.ar/multiviewer/

Visit our Booth SU11508 at NAB Show 2019

nab show

nab show 2019 – las vegas


For the ninth consecutive year 3Way Solutions exhibits at the most important broadcasting fair in the West. We will present our news to all attendees and share a glass of wine with our esteemed customers and distributors.

We are waiting for you at booth su11508 - south upper


En esta NAB SHOW 2019 estaremos presentando nuevas soluciones para la industria como también mostrando la evolución de nuestros productos de línea.

  • New TV distribution system through the Internet for cable operators and TV channels.
  • New Web Interface for the visualization of our product line.
  • New AM & FM radio recording system that allows you to record the entire spectrum of the band.
  • New functions in our traditional Clipping, Monitoring, Auditing, Multiviewer and Tape Storage solutions.

And as always, we invite our customers and distributors to share a glass of Argentine Wine. We are waiting for you in the South Upper pavilion, in booth SU11508

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