optional module

closed captioning & subtitles

automatic indexing and monitoring

The Closed Caption detection engine supports CEA-608/708 standards for both analog signals in NTSC and digital signals in any of the formats (ATSC, DVB, ISBDT). The subtitles DVB or SCTE-27 coming from the signals of Transport Stream are fully supported. All streams are simultaneously decoded and one or more subtitles are allowed to be overprinted. OCR is also performed on the subtitle images to allow the content to be indexed in text format and be able to make inquiries in the google-like style.

indexación para búsquedas

monitoreo y búsquedas

smart searches

CC indexing and subtitles as text to enable intelligent google-like searches.

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web. HTML5 It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard shippers in the market.

Export in text files

Export in XML, JSON, SRT and USF format

Printing of CC and Subtitles on the video

Configurable location, as it also respects market standards.

analog and digital Closed captiong

Supports all market standards. Support on EIA-608/708. Support for CC in Mpeg2Video and H264 codecs, as well as ISDBT in auxiliary pid.

ocr on subtitles

DVB subtitle support and SCTE-27 subtitle support


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