automatic LOGOS appearance recognition

The logo recognition module allows to have an automatic detection of company images in the different TV signals and/or streamings that we are receiving.

The system allows to register logos by uploading multiple images to be recognized in the different signals. It allows to make searches, as well as export reports and generate alerts.

Our logo recognition module has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy use and management of the tool.

From the recognition generated from the logos recognition of the logos on the selected signal channels, the image recognition image recognition tool generates a report with the possibility of previewing the possibility of previewing the appearance. It can be exported in CSV or XLS format in CSV or XLS format.

High efficiency

The system is 99% effective in logorecognition.

Automatic searches

Through the images uploaded by the user, the system recognizes logos automatically.

OPEATION 100% web

Configuration and operation is 100% web based, HTML5. No plug-ins required. Compatible with all standard browsers on the market.

Export of reports

Reports can be extracted in different formats, such as XLS, CSV.

Applicable to digital / analog TV

REST API for administration and operation.

REST API for administration and operation

It has http API for massive uploads of material, and webhook reports upon face recognition.

Productos Asociados

productos a los cuales se les puede aplicar el módulo adicional reconocimiento facial