Hibrid Multiple radio and TV singals monitoring

Powerful and simple solution for monitoring multiple radio and TV signals in all standard formats. The system allows several output video format: SDI / HDMI, IP / HLS stream format to avoid long runs of HDMI cable. A power alarms system with error detection, and standard measurements of MPEG2TS, Loudness, EPG, TR 101 290. The solution becomes one of the best options for monitoring cable operators and TV channels.

multiviewer sd/hd/4k/radio

multiple formats


The system allows you to record both TV and Radio signals.


HLS, Akamai Token authentification, rtmp, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmps. Web player emulation.

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web (HTML5). It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard browsers in the market.


The licensing scheme allows lower costs with higher signal density.

loudness compliance

Loudness standard norm support

operation with joystick controller

Supports local operation controls such as Jog & Shuttle, as well as the possibility of using mouse and keyboard.


RF, Video Composite, NTSC, PAL, SD-SDI, HD-SDI 3G, HDMI
TS over IP, ASI, DVB-S2, DVB-C OTT, HLS, RTMP, RTSP Radio AM, FM, IP (mp3, aac, ac3) TDT, ISDBT, ATSC, DVB-T2 NDI

Outputs supported


Hybrid system

The system can combine analog and digital signals on the same server. Baseband and TS.

Qoe / qos

Multiple alerts: sound, visual, emails and SNMP.

drag & drop

Easy layout configuration with Drag & Drop


  • QoS y QoE alarms visualization
  • Remote operation 100% Web Interface.
  • Layouts configuration by Drag & Drop on the fly.
  • Layouts configuration with images, texts and graphics defined by the user.
  • Statistics graphs, UMD, analog and digital watch, PCR information, subtitles and ClosedCaption.
  • Múltiples audio and video streams visualization
  • System allow from 4 to 32 or more PIPs simultaneously
  • Linetime graph for loudness, bitrate, etc.
  • Multiple LU meters, truepeak meters. Multichannels support.
  • The screen show content information, codecs properties, bitrate and service information.
  • Transport Streams table informatión (MPEG2 TS) and PMT details info
  • SNMP full integration
  • Scalable system with ethernet connectivity
  • Multiple input formats supported
  • Alarms history
  • Alarms reports by e-mail or SNMP.
  • Visual alarm report on the system interface.
  • OTT protocols supported: HLS (authentication Akamai Token), rtmp, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmps.


  • Power management system for users, groups and permissions​
  • Permissions for functionality and content
  • Acceso a través de usuario y clave
  • Los grupos permiten crear perfiles de usuarios distintos para navegar el sistema
  • El sistema guarda registro de actividad de cada usuario, con fecha/hora, ip, etc

características técnicas

  • Operative System CentOS 7 64 bits
  • Encoding/Decoding H264 with CPU or CUDA (Nvidia Quadro Family)
  • Mysql Database
  • Firewall
  • HTTP/HTTPs Support
  • Storage file system XFS or EXT4
  • Web administration and operation
  • No plugins require
  • Datetime synchronization with NTP or Nettime
  • LDAP integration support (Active Directory)
  • Remote software updating
  • Full Uptime! System running 24x7. No breaks



You can purchase the complete solution (Hardware plus Software), better known as turnkey. The hardware is dimensioned depending on the requirements of the client, it can either Profesional or Entry Level version.


The lifetime license of Software option allows the customer to use their own hardware (previously recommended by us). An installation of Centos 7 basic is required, and then through a USB key the software is validated.

anual license / leasing

The option of annual license of Software allows the customer to decrease the initial investment. After 5 years the license becomes perpetual. There is also the Leasing options.

Optional modules

complements for multiviewer solutions

Target Customers


Central monitoring of all signals on multiple screens.

Canales de TV

Channels who want to monitor their own signal at different stages: IP, TS, DVB-C, ASI, OTT, RF, SDI


OTT signal providers (HLS, RTMP) Analyze the status of streams generated through the internet.


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