optional module

scte-35/104 & asrunlog

automatic indexing and monitoring

The Asrunlog engine enables in the system the possibility of incorporating the broadcast Logs of any Playout. The configuration is simple and allows to have all the material indexed with the broadcast information. Supports multiple simultaneous channels for both Radio / TV, as well as analog and digital platforms. The events of SCTE-35/104 such as splice_insert can be recognized and monitored by the system automatically, for the auditing of advertising segments. Both the Asrunlogs and SCTE-35/104 events allow the system to have the ability to extract clips automatically determined by those events.



smart searches

Automatic import of Asrunlog from the broadcast server. Allows searches

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web. HTML5 It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard browsers in the market

Automatic segment extraction

Automatic clips for events of SCTE-35/104 as well as for Asrunlog

Indexing of Asrunlog next to Audio / Video.

It allows to see each event in the exact moment of the video

Applicable to Radio and / or digital / analog TV

It works on both analog, digital and radio TV signals

Support for SCTE-35 events

Recognition of events on the Transport Stream


Associated Products

products to which the additional module of SCTE35 & AsRunLog can be applied