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qoe & qos analyzer

Quality of experience and quality of service

The QoE / QoS module allows to have monitoring and alarms in depth of the signals. Support for multiple input formats for radio, TV, analog or digital, as well as OTT. Support on market standards such as TR 101 290, ARIB STD B10, EBU R128.

radio and tv monitoring

technical monitoring

Sending mails, historical alarms

History of alarms, graphic reports, visuals, sending mails, SNMP, sound alarms.

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web. HTML5 It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard shippers in the market.

OTT monitoring

Multiple renditions, bandwidth statistics. It emulates the reproduction of an internet player.

Loudness Compliance

Compatibility with the EBU R128 loudness standard and ITU-R BS.1771-1 / 1771-3, configurable for Europe and America.

Transport Stream Monitoring

Monitoring of alarms of the TR 101 290 standard in its 3 levels, for ISDBT it supports the standard of ARIB STD B10.

Video check

Video Black, Freeze, Macroblocking.


  • Configuration, administration and fully web operation
  • 100% remote operation from web interface with preview.
  • Video freeze, video black, macroblocking.
  • Audio low, audio high, true peak, audio freeze.
  • Lumeters
  • All configurable and adjustable parameters
  • Detection of fall of services
  • Degraded signs
  • Recording of the signals, original or in lower quality to protect the faults
  • PIDs distribution graphic
  • It allows to monitor the integrity of the MPEG2-TS and the RF signal that is received from a satellite with DVB-S2 transmission standard
  • OTT Protocols: HLS (includes Akamai Token authentication), rtmp, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmps
  • Support for m3u8 manifest. Multiple rendition
  • Export of reports in formats: JSON, XML, CSV, XLS
  • The system has a complete SNMP MIB sharing the easily collected parameters

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