Radio & TV Recording Software with Clip creation

3Way offers a complete clipping tool for TV and Radio recording, segments extract and clip creation. The system is used to record multiple signals in different formats. It allows a simple operator the possibility to create segments, join them, add blur, logos and automatically publish in social networks. Does not require NLE, nor advanced knowledge for the use of the system.

simple, fast and dynamic

simple clipping


The system allows you to record both TV and Radio signals.

Simple and dynamic cutting interface

Any operator can access the system to perform the extraction of clips

100% Web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web (HTML5). It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard browsers in the market.

more for less (signal density)

The licensing scheme allows lower costs with higher signal density.

Automatic publication in social networks

It allows uploading content to social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, through automatic validation with the corresponding Token.

Input formats supported

RF, Video Composite, NTSC, PAL SDI - SD-SDI, HD-SDI 3G HDMI TS - TS over IP, ASI, DVB-S2, DVB-C IP OTT- HLS, RTMP, RTSP Radios - AM, FM, IP (mp3, aac, ac3), IBOC TDT - ISDBT, ATSC, DVB-T2 NDI

post before your competition

The system allows the immediate extraction of the material without the need to reencode the video.

Hybrid system

The system can combine analog and digital signals on the same server.

player html5

The use of an html5 video player allows viewing both video files and live video from any browser and from any platform (Mobile, Tablet, PC)


  • Native recording XDCAM YUV422P 50 or 100Mbps
  • Remote operation 100% Web Interface.
  • Local playing and remote playing for file or live.
  • Recording 4/7 manual or schedule
  • Continue recording. No delay. No break.
  • Multiple formats: AVI, TS, MP4, MOV, MXF, XDCAM, DV, XAVC
  • Clip creating while live recording
  • Audio track exports
  • Metadata generation
  • Proxy copy to optimize bandwith
  • Export to external folders (FTP, Windows folder)
  • Direct integration with Playout Systems over XDCAM
  • No user licence limit
  • Set Top Box automatic controlled using IR command, RS 232 or Ethernet.
  • Watermark printing.

Clip creating in 4 steps

1. Search broadcasting station, date and time.

2. Watch video and set IN y OUT.

3. Put text information and select destination.

4. Ready! It’s online.


  • Power management system for users, groups and permissions
  • Permissions for functionality and content
  • User and password access control
  • User profile customization for each interface
  • The system record an event log for each user operation with datetime and ip computer access.

technical specifications

  • Operative System CentOS 7 64 bits
  • Encoding/Decoding H264 with CPU or CUDA (Nvidia Quadro Family)
  • Mysql Database
  • Firewall
  • HTTP/HTTPs Support
  • Storage file system XFS or EXT4
  • Web administration and operation
  • No plugins require
  • Datetime synchronization with NTP or Nettime
  • LDAP integration support (Active Directory)
  • Severals storage protocols supported: FTP, CIFS, HTTP, NFS 4 and SSHFS
  • Remote software updating
  • App for Android and IOS
  • Full Uptime! System running 24x7. No breaks



You can purchase the complete solution (Hardware plus Software), better known as turnkey.
The hardware is dimensioned depending on the requirements of the client, it can either Profesional or Entry Level version.


The lifetime license of Software option allows the customer to use their own hardware (previously recommended by us).
An installation of Centos 7 basic is required, and then through a USB key the software is validated.

anual license/ leasing

The option of annual license of Software allows the customer to decrease the initial investment.
After 5 years the license becomes perpetual.
There is also the Leasing options.

optional modules


Target Customers


Recording and extraction of complete programs with or without publicity, to re-arrange it as new content, quickly, easily and without loss of quality • Video On Demand • CatchUp TV


Recording of multiple signals for multiple purposes • Sports programs, News, Gossip • Cataloging and simple search • Export to NLE • Publication to the Internet

Media Auditors

Professional recording of TV and radio to audit advertising guidelines • Recording by agenda, both in radio and TV • Automatic detection of commercials • Indexing by closed caption and OCR


Political audit • Regulation of content issuance for regulatory and control entities (law enforcement) • Official control of regulations • Control of issuance of electoral guidelines • Monitoring of public image of officials


Political audit of news programs • Commercial control of advertising guidelines • Monitoring of topics of interest for the sector • Monitoring of competition commercials • Monitoring of the public image of executives and brands (marketing)


Use in news clipping agencies. • Writing of newspapers and specialized magazines. • Digitization of files on tapes. • Internal use in advertising agencies