Transport Stream Analysis

With the Transport Stream Frame Analysis license, the system allows you to analyze a complete MPTS with a high density of services.

The software demuxes all the services that make up the TS, and allows monitoring the presence of packets for each service.

It allows to see the complete list of the signals that we are emitting, thanks to the decoding of the PAT and PMT tables. And then it allows calculating the audio and video bitrate of each signal, so that if any service is cut quickly it can be identified and alarmed.

In this example you can display the content of a service. Indicating that there is a video channel and 2 audio channels, which are being received correctly

The Transport Stream Frame Analysis license allows us to monitor more than 300 channels at a very low cost.

It can be complemented with decoding licenses, to choose and decode the audio/video on demand of any of the signals in particular.

Any of the alarms generated in the system can be seen from the web interface. Sending of Mail. SNMP. Or it can be displayed in the Multiviewer output of the system itself, with an audible alarm if it is configured.