named entity recognition

Detection and categorization of named entities

Named Entity Recognition is an information extraction add-on module that seeks to locate and classify named named entities and place them into predefined categories such as people, names, organizations, locations, time expressions, amounts, monetary values, percentages, etc.



Our Named Entity Recognition module has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy use and management of the tool.

The search for entities is carried out and categorized automatically, the date and time in which the entity was detected will be detailed, and the moment of transmission in which it is named can be displayed.

In addition, reports can be downloaded detailing the number of detections made by entity or by category, by signal or by TV channel.

Automatic searches

Entity search is performed and categorized automatically

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% web, HTML5. No plugins required. Compatible with all standard browsers on the market

Export of reports

Reports can be extracted in different formats such as XLS, CSV

REST API for administration and operation

It has API http for massive loads of material, and reports by webhook before the recognition of a face

Associated Products

products to which the named entity recognition add-on module can be applied