UPC of Perú uses 3Way Solutions equipment

The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (https://www.upc.edu.pe/) through VideoBroadcast uses 3Way Solutions Logging and Clipping equipment for its different teaching centers. These powerful tools developed by 3Way Solutions allow UPC to locate specific audiovisual material for their chairs, as well as edit clips very quickly, to enrich the content they produce. The system features over 10TB of file storage, and multiple HD streams. This is a project that has grown over time after discovering the great help that 3Way Solutions tools provide to UPC, where they are already a standard.

Clipping allows you to quickly edit incoming audio and video content in high quality for immediate use in different destinations such as social networks, web pages, or also within the production or educational workflow, allowing you to select the highlights of a sporting event or a class to distribute them through any social network such as Twitter, Facebook, or others, allowing access to the general public or a specific audience such as students.

San Miguel headquarters campus of UPC.

Logging allows the mass storage of content, which can be in high or low resolution, which can then be located through multiple search tools, which include facial recognition, audio-to-text conversion, reading news headlines, watermarks in commercials, and many more.
3Way Solutions, with more than 20 years in the broadcast market, designs and provides creative tools to help broadcasters, educational centers, and public institutions to improve their operational flow, increasing productivity and reducing costs.