MMO Guatemala uses 3Way Solutions tools

Media Monitor Online (MMO), the prestigious media monitoring company based in Guatemala and several countries in the region, uses 3Way Solutions tools for sophisticated media auditing.

With more than 15 years in the market, and presence in several countries, MMO is a leader in media monitoring for the various clients that use its services. To perform these tasks, MMO relied on 3Way Solutions technology with its Logging tool, which gives it all the power it needs to search and analyze content from multiple media, being able to filter by different criteria, thanks to the power that Logging provides. from 3Way Solutions.

This is a project that started with the monitoring of 10 SD signals and 10 audio with clipping, and grew to 20 SD signals, 10 audio, 30 clipping, and 30 Speech to Text licenses. All these systems can continue to grow with more options such as Face Recognition, OCR News, Fingerprint and many others, to increase the power in the ability to locate specific content in the multiple media analyzed by MMOs.

3Way Solutions, a company with more than 20 years in the market developing the best logging technology for content analysis, legal rec, and location of video and audio content in large files. More information at

Video and audio logging tool from 3Way Solutions.
Audio to text transcription tool from 3Way Solutions.