Telecable Costa Rica uses 3Way system to monitor signals

Internet and Cable services provider Telecable of Costa Rica uses 5 Round Robin monitoring systems from 3Way Solutions for its TV distribution signal network. This ensures the maximum quality level in the TV signals that reach users of the cable service, with a very low investment cost.  Each system has an RF input with a PAL or NTSC tuner, and one HDMI input to take the output of a Set Top Box, automatically controlled via infrared (IR).

Round Robin is a tool specifically developed by 3Way Solutions for cable operators who need technical control of multiple signals with a  low cost. The system performs a sweep of analog signals (PAL or NTSC), as well as digital signals (tuning them automatically through IR commands sent to the Set Top Box), and makes a very detailed technical analysis for each of the signals, with the goal of assuring maximum quality in the set of signals that arrives to each subscriber of cable television.

The system records a sampling of the signal, what allows to verify in what period of time the signal was altered, and with which alarm. It also allows the export of a complete report in excel files. Each time the system is positioned to scan a signal and take a sample of the quality of service, time/date information is stored together with signal status. The system changes channel automatically to cover the complete grid of channels provided by the cable operator.

Round Robin is completely configurable via web, and generates a report of alarms for fails in the channels to allow Cable operator to know as soon as possible and can test more than 750 TV cannels in 2 inputs. It has the possibility to have analog and digital inputs, and it also can visualize live video or an specific sequence of the scan that is recorded for later revision purposes. 

This is another creative solution of 3Way Solutions, with great functionality and reasonable cost, to solve specific needs of broadcasters.  Other solutions developed by 3Way Solutions under the same criteria are Clipping, Multiviewer, Logging, TV Distribution, and MAM.