Distributor's meeting 2022

3Way Solutions will make a distributor's meeting in Buenos Aires during the days of Caper exposition.

Location: Hotel Dazzler by Wyndham Buenos Aires Polo

Sinclair 2929 – Buenos Aires

Date: Noviember 2, 2022

Time: 9 to 11 hours

In this meeting, the subjects to be covered will be the following:

  1. 3Way Solutions presentation
  2. Description of the solutions offered by 3Way Solutions and its applications
  3.    Competitive analysis
  4. Examples ofsuccessful projects 
  5.    Future vision of technology and business possibilities 

This will be an important meeting, with great utility to expand the business possibilities of the company together with its commercial partnes, where it will be possible to discuss with designers and get a more in depth knowledge about the applications of the solutions produced by 3Way Solutions.