Tigo Bolivia acquires solution for Clipping and legal copy from 3Way Solutions

System purchased will perform video and audio recording to make clipping and legal copy of 4 HD channels, with storage of 90 days.  
3Way Solutions provides a complete solution based on  its Logging solution, whose main features allow recording of multiple radio and TV signals in different delivery formats in a simple and dynamic form.  Signals can be mixed analog and digital. The logging system, in its different configurations, allows TV stations, media auditing companies, governments, ministries and corporates to monitor the most important TV and radio media for content analysis.
The system provided will allow recording video in high quality coming from 4 different signal sources during 90 days, with great flexibility of input signal. 
The tool allows to make layouts or compositing of mosaics by operator for a live monitoring. There is also the possibility to enable vu meters, loudness information, and to listen to any of the available audio channels, as well as the possibility to enable CC or any of the subtitles that are available in the stream.
It also allows to compare various signals simultaneously with a related rating graphic in a form that when clicking in the graphic it can be seen what was being transmitted by each signal in that moment.
In addition to the equipment, with the purchase of 3Way equipment, customer will receive a seminar covering use and operation of the solution.  
About 3Way Solutions
3Way Solutions is a company dedicated to develop products and solutions for the broadcasting, cable, professional video, and government sector, focused in recording of television, content detection, monitoring of media, legal copy, content repository, verification of regulations fulfillment, and monitoring of  QoS/QoE.
With more than 10 years of presence in the sector, the company has a wide experience in the detection of failures in MPEG-TS in all formats, analysis and record with all different standards, and is leader in the region in solutions for monitoring and record for ISDB-Tb.
3Way Solutions objective is to satisfy the needs of Broadcasters as well as vendors of cable and IPTV, with main focus in the American market joining the development processes in the region.
3Way Solutions is certified under ISO 9001 norm.