optional module

audio & video fingermetric

automatic indexing of clips & commercial

Fingermetric uses the most modern technology for the automatic identification of commercials and clips in order to have instant reports of their own advertising and competition guidelines. The system has two engines, one for recognition by video and another that uses audio to perform the recognition of the segments.

search for commercial

commercial audit

automatic searches

Through the audio and video tracks, the system recognizes the clips automatically

100% web operation

The configuration and operation is 100% Web. HTML5 It does not require plugins. Compatible with all standard browsers.

Export of reports

You can extract the report in different formats, XLS, XML, JSON.

Partial identification

The system can partially recognize the clip and report what percentage it applies.

Applicable to Radio and / or digital / analog TV.

It works on both analog, digital and radio TV signals.

Real-time recognition

It can work live as with file


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