UPC of Perú uses 3Way Solutions equipment

UPC of Perú uses 3Way Solutions equipment

The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (https://www.upc.edu.pe/) through VideoBroadcast uses 3Way Solutions Logging and Clipping equipment for its different teaching centers. These powerful tools developed by 3Way Solutions allow UPC to locate specific audiovisual material for their chairs, as well as edit clips very quickly, to enrich the content they produce. The system features over 10TB of file storage, and multiple HD streams. This is a project that has grown over time after discovering the great help that 3Way Solutions tools provide to UPC, where they are already a standard.

Clipping allows you to quickly edit incoming audio and video content in high quality for immediate use in different destinations such as social networks, web pages, or also within the production or educational workflow, allowing you to select the highlights of a sporting event or a class to distribute them through any social network such as Twitter, Facebook, or others, allowing access to the general public or a specific audience such as students.

San Miguel headquarters campus of UPC.

Logging allows the mass storage of content, which can be in high or low resolution, which can then be located through multiple search tools, which include facial recognition, audio-to-text conversion, reading news headlines, watermarks in commercials, and many more.
3Way Solutions, with more than 20 years in the broadcast market, designs and provides creative tools to help broadcasters, educational centers, and public institutions to improve their operational flow, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

MMO Guatemala uses 3Way Solutions tools

MMO Guatemala uses 3Way Solutions tools

Media Monitor Online (MMO), the prestigious media monitoring company based in Guatemala and several countries in the region, uses 3Way Solutions tools for sophisticated media auditing.

With more than 15 years in the market, and presence in several countries, MMO is a leader in media monitoring for the various clients that use its services. To perform these tasks, MMO relied on 3Way Solutions technology with its Logging tool, which gives it all the power it needs to search and analyze content from multiple media, being able to filter by different criteria, thanks to the power that Logging provides. from 3Way Solutions.

This is a project that started with the monitoring of 10 SD signals and 10 audio with clipping, and grew to 20 SD signals, 10 audio, 30 clipping, and 30 Speech to Text licenses. All these systems can continue to grow with more options such as Face Recognition, OCR News, Fingerprint and many others, to increase the power in the ability to locate specific content in the multiple media analyzed by MMOs.

3Way Solutions, a company with more than 20 years in the market developing the best logging technology for content analysis, legal rec, and location of video and audio content in large files. More information at www.3way.com.ar

Video and audio logging tool from 3Way Solutions.
Audio to text transcription tool from 3Way Solutions.

Telecable Costa Rica uses 3Way system to monitor signals

Telecable Costa Rica uses 3Way system to monitor signals

Internet and Cable services provider Telecable of Costa Rica uses 5 Round Robin monitoring systems from 3Way Solutions for its TV distribution signal network. This ensures the maximum quality level in the TV signals that reach users of the cable service, with a very low investment cost.  Each system has an RF input with a PAL or NTSC tuner, and one HDMI input to take the output of a Set Top Box, automatically controlled via infrared (IR).

Round Robin is a tool specifically developed by 3Way Solutions for cable operators who need technical control of multiple signals with a  low cost. The system performs a sweep of analog signals (PAL or NTSC), as well as digital signals (tuning them automatically through IR commands sent to the Set Top Box), and makes a very detailed technical analysis for each of the signals, with the goal of assuring maximum quality in the set of signals that arrives to each subscriber of cable television.

The system records a sampling of the signal, what allows to verify in what period of time the signal was altered, and with which alarm. It also allows the export of a complete report in excel files. Each time the system is positioned to scan a signal and take a sample of the quality of service, time/date information is stored together with signal status. The system changes channel automatically to cover the complete grid of channels provided by the cable operator.

Round Robin is completely configurable via web, and generates a report of alarms for fails in the channels to allow Cable operator to know as soon as possible and can test more than 750 TV cannels in 2 inputs. It has the possibility to have analog and digital inputs, and it also can visualize live video or an specific sequence of the scan that is recorded for later revision purposes. 

This is another creative solution of 3Way Solutions, with great functionality and reasonable cost, to solve specific needs of broadcasters.  Other solutions developed by 3Way Solutions under the same criteria are Clipping, Multiviewer, Logging, TV Distribution, and MAM.  

TV Mexiquense acquires 3Way system for auditing of 3 ATSC signals

TV Mexiquense acquires 3Way system for auditing of 3 ATSC signals

Sistema Mexiquense de Medios Públicos (TV Mexiquense), Mexico State TV, confirmed the purchase of an auditing system for 3 ATSC channels from 3Way Solutions.  The system will have capability to store HD content coming from 3 signals for later analysis, and also clip selection from stored content.  
3Way Solutions provides the complete solution including hardware and software, with capability to record 3 TV signals in different formats in a simple and dynamic way for content analysis.
The tool allows to make layouts or mosaic compositions by operator for live monitoring. There is also a possibility to enable vu meters, loudness information, listen to any of the available audio channels, as well as to enable Closed Caption or any of the subtitles that are available in the stream.
The system allows to compare various signals simultaneously with its rating graphics corresponding in a way that when clicking in the rating graphic it can be seen what was being transmitted in that moment.
Some of the features standard and optional of this solution are:
  • Native recording in H264/HEVC optimizing quality and file size
  • Operation 100% remote from web interface with previsualization
  • Visualization of file or live video in local or remote screen
  • 24/7 recording manual or by schedule
  • Continue recording, with no cuts and dephases
  • Multiple formats: AVI, TS, MP4, MOV, MXF, XDCAM, DV
  • Live realization of clips while recording
  • Audio only export
  • Generation of video associated to video (metadata)
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for video navigation by storyboard with configurable interval
  • CD/DVD/Bluray recording
  • Rating import with graphics and visualization up to 8 files simultaneously
  • Export to external repositories FTP, Windows folder
  • No licences limit by user
  • Automatic Set Top Box remotization by means of Controles IR, RS 232 or Ethernet, depending on the case
  • Over impression of watermark for video extractions
  • Date/hour over impression over video. Configurable formats
  • Automatic integration with REPORTV XMLs files. Automatic programs clipping
  • GPIO handling or relay for sent or reception of signals.

Tigo Bolivia acquires solution for Clipping and legal copy from 3Way Solutions

Tigo Bolivia acquires solution for Clipping and legal copy from 3Way Solutions

System purchased will perform video and audio recording to make clipping and legal copy of 4 HD channels, with storage of 90 days.  
3Way Solutions provides a complete solution based on  its Logging solution, whose main features allow recording of multiple radio and TV signals in different delivery formats in a simple and dynamic form.  Signals can be mixed analog and digital. The logging system, in its different configurations, allows TV stations, media auditing companies, governments, ministries and corporates to monitor the most important TV and radio media for content analysis.
The system provided will allow recording video in high quality coming from 4 different signal sources during 90 days, with great flexibility of input signal. 
The tool allows to make layouts or compositing of mosaics by operator for a live monitoring. There is also the possibility to enable vu meters, loudness information, and to listen to any of the available audio channels, as well as the possibility to enable CC or any of the subtitles that are available in the stream.
It also allows to compare various signals simultaneously with a related rating graphic in a form that when clicking in the graphic it can be seen what was being transmitted by each signal in that moment.
In addition to the equipment, with the purchase of 3Way equipment, customer will receive a seminar covering use and operation of the solution.  
About 3Way Solutions
3Way Solutions is a company dedicated to develop products and solutions for the broadcasting, cable, professional video, and government sector, focused in recording of television, content detection, monitoring of media, legal copy, content repository, verification of regulations fulfillment, and monitoring of  QoS/QoE.
With more than 10 years of presence in the sector, the company has a wide experience in the detection of failures in MPEG-TS in all formats, analysis and record with all different standards, and is leader in the region in solutions for monitoring and record for ISDB-Tb.
3Way Solutions objective is to satisfy the needs of Broadcasters as well as vendors of cable and IPTV, with main focus in the American market joining the development processes in the region.
3Way Solutions is certified under ISO 9001 norm. 

Telecom uses ViDeus for clipping and catch up of its programms

Telecom uses ViDeus for clipping and catch-up of its programs

System to record 50 Transport Stream signals


Customer initially added a system to record 10 Transport Stream signals to be able to extract the complete programs without advertisement and then send them with the same Transport Stream format to be ingested in their Video On Demand system.

Later they expanded the solution to 50 HD signals with a Main Backup system. We made the integration to be able to read and make a parsing of the programming grid (ReporTV) that is read from an FTP, where every day 3 XML files related to the planinfication of the programming grid are taken. With this information the system enables teh mark in and out of programs with an automatic clipping, as well as the possibility to enrich the content with metadata asociated to the program, adding information of the program name, cast, director, gender, category, and more.

Some numbers of the project

  • 50 signals
  • 500 Mbits
  • 10 users

Integration with MAM

Clipped programs from ViDeus system are automatically exported to the MAM, with their associated XML, their JPG cover, and the files for subtitling in case that the signal has them. Then the MAM follows the flux in order that the content be available in the OTT platform.

More information can be found at www.3way.com.ar